ChangeU International Vacancies 8 New Norms To Covid-19 Recovery - Freelance Robren Consultant

ChangeU International is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for 8 New Norms To Covid-19 Recovery - Freelance Robren Consultant position. If you currently looking for new education sector job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

HOW to get the best productive work from your REMOTE Team.

In the 2003 SARS Epidemic Crisis, when Hong Kong was the world's SARS epicenter (like Wuhan for Covid-19), ChangeU was at the Forefront to help Asian organizations BOUNCE BACK from SARS. But with the Covid-19 Pandemic Global Lockdown, it is over 2,260+ TIMES worse than SARS (1.81M+ deaths vs. SARS 800+).

Moreover, the Covid-19 crisis is predicted to CONTINUE for ANOTHER 1-2 YEARS.

With "the deepest global recession since the Second World War" according to The World Bank, organizations need urgent SOLUTIONS. ChangeU has designed The 8 New Norms to Covid-19 Recovery Program - which even includes overcoming employee depression, stress, and mental health problems.

Join Asia's #1 most influential change experts, whose clients are Fortune 500 Corporations and Top Brands like Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Airport Services, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Swire, Jardines, Naza, Berjaya, Genting, and Public Bank.

About Robren Group:

● ChangeU EAcademy (Corporate Learning & Consulting)

● 8 New Norms To Covid-19 Recovery

● Talennial School  (Career Upskilling for Success)

● Rice Apprentice (Hunting the Top 10% Foreign & Local Graduates)

● BorneoHunter  (Talent Search & Outplacement)

● Robren Mega EMall (World's First Parallel Universe EMall Chain)

● Tee Messages (premium gifts)

● Jurassic Incubator (Shark Tank selection of the Top 1% of ECommerce for incubation VC investment from Alpha to Growth Summit stage)

● Albino Media (social media branded content storytelling & PR & Publicity)

● Eventures (How to create Online Events)

● robi creative PR (digital advertising agency)

● Mystie Shopper Customer Service

● Pelican Drop Digital Marketing & ReBranding

● Domain Brandster (generating BrandName Domains)

● Movsha MasterMind  (Life-changing connections & ideas)

● FastTrack CoSec (Fastest way to start a company)

 ● Wentures (building blue ocean investments)

● Renovo Property Management (Outsourcing all your reno headaches)

● INTE DIOR Remodelling (Creating trendsetting interior remodelling)

● Purple Youth CSR (6 ways youth can change the earth)

● Biting Pen  (exposes that bite, not bark)

● Purple Parent - Investing in children's future EBiz


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