Fei Yue Expert Sdn Bhd Vacancies Consultation and adjustment

Fei Yue Expert Sdn Bhd is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Consultation and adjustment position. If you currently looking for new education sector job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

 Work harder, get more rewards, hard work will be rewarded.
Contact: Wang Si Qi
Phone number: 0137843445
Company Consultant Job Description
Fundamental Job Description
The consultant is responsible for internal communicating issues, defining the information from customer service department, and working closely with author department and customer service department, ensuring connection between author department and customer service department can be favorable. 
The job of consultant also includes consulting works between author department and customers service department, and settling information, sending information between author department and customers service department. 
The Personnel of jointing is expected to:
Good communicating skills. 
Good verbal Mandarin skills.
Excellent reading skills for English at least. 
 Verbal Mandarin language need to be good, listening and speaking at least need to be good. 
Bachelor or diploma degree. 
Excellent teamwork skills
Full-time employee
Serious, responsible and patient
Ability to deal with problems
Monthly salary: 1800 RM + commission(If you work hard enough, the commission will not be capped.)
Employee insurance
Employee’s provident fund
Yearly bonus
Yearly increment 

Company Overview

Fei Yue Expert SDN. BHD is a creative and original writing company, we have customer service department, personnel of jointing department and content writing department. There are original creative writing, content writing and scholar writing for scholar and internet publishing and customers’ requirements.
Fei Yue is our sub-company that newly set up in , which is owned by our head company in China, our head company have had experience in this industry for 10 . We have several working studios and sub-companies which were established by different investors. During the economic development in China, in the industry, there are multiple companies has hold the business which is similar to our head company, but our company, sub-companies and working studios have amount of finance for running, holding and developing our business, thus our head company, sub-companies and working studios won lots in the competition in this industry in China. In early-stage development of our head company faced development. In 8 , our working studios and sub-companies have been expanded within head company in China. Therefore we have amount of and enough finance to set up and run a sub-company in and other development for future in other countries. For more development on now-stage of the head company, this sub-company in is another step for developing. Thus we need more talented people and matured workers to work with the company and us.
Welcome to work with company and us, we are waiting for you to join us.

How To Apply

If you confident and feel that this job is suitable to you, go ahead take your action now.
Hope you find your dream education sector job in Penang.
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