Focus Personality Analysis Academy Sdn. Bhd. Vacancies Course Counsellor 课程销售与助理

Focus Personality Analysis Academy Sdn. Bhd. is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Course Counsellor 课程销售与助理 position. If you currently looking for new education sector job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

  • 福利待遇满满的工作机会,仅限于熟悉销售和招生的人才!
  • 价值过千的心理学相关课程,让员工自我提升和了解!
  • 薪酬:底薪 + 优渥佣金
Job Responsibilities
  • Responsible to promote programs offered by the Academy 负责推广学院所有的课程
  • To recruit students for the college and ensure that the student numbers are met as per target. 负责学院招生事项,达成所设定的入学率
  • Attend to sales enquiries and follow-up on prospects, leading to achieving to personal and company’s target. 处理课程咨询,跟进潜在客户,实现个人和公司的目标
  • Responsible for monitoring, measuring and improving service provision and for implementing a continuous improvement programme to maintain students’ enrolment. 负责协调、衡量和改进所提供的课程咨询、程序和服务,提供建议和持续改进以提升学生体验,维持学生的入学率
  • Involved in the planning and implementation of tactical plans to create consumer sales off-take. 参与营销和销售策略及实施计划,创造消费者的销售需求
  • Carry out targeted promotions and activities to increase public awareness and student enrolment. 协助、协调和开展策略性营销和销售活动,提高公众对于心理学的意识、学院品牌认知和学生入学率
  • Manage the CRM enquiries, ensuring all e-mails, calls and walk-ins are responded promptly. 管理潜在客户查询,确保及时回应和答复所有电子邮件、电话和预约咨询
  • To arrange and coordinate all academic and classes administrative affairs, such as provide teachers a full administrative support, ensure classes carry out smoothly, record and keep track students registration list, arrange classes schedule, keep students updated, obtain students’ feedback, work closely with finance on receipt and financial affairs, etc. 安排和协调学院所有的学术行政事务,提供老师全面的行政支持、确保课堂顺利进行、记录和跟进报名名单、安排课程时间表、学生沟通和通知、获取学生反馈、与财政对接单据等
  • To prepare weekly sales report, provide feedback and suggestions on further enhancement. 每个星期准备销售报告,提供反馈和建议以提升学院入学率
  • To manage and record all enquiries in a detailed, precise, and comprehensive system. 详细和精准的管理、记录所有课程咨询名单,方便团队跟进
  • Possess at least a Diploma/Degree in any field of study. 拥有至少文凭/学士学位
  • RESULT-ORIENTED, aggressive, and highly self-motivated. If you are a brave, proactive and self-driven individual that never rest to achieve goal, we want YOU to join and grow with us towards our common goal. 以目标和结果为导向,积极进取,能够自我激励。如果你是一位积极上进、自我进取的人,重视目标和成果的达成,我们欢迎你的加入,与我们一起朝着共同目标发展。
  • At least 2-4 years of working experience in the sales/students recruitment field is required for this position. Experience of this role in training/education field is an added advantage. 需要2至4年的销售/招生经验,曾在培训/教育领域中担任销售/招生职位是一份额外优势
  • Must have good attitude, willing to learn and growth, and strong sense of responsibility. 拥有良好的心态,愿意学习和成长,具负责任感
  • Interested and believe in psychology.心理学有兴趣,愿意学习
  • Able to work under pressure and meet targets and deadlines. Can work under minimum supervision. 能够在压力和期限下完成工作和达到目标。 能独立工作,无需他人紧密督促
  • Attractive self-development benefits: Additional Self-Improvement Courses. 优渥福利:可免费进修学院的专研课程

Company Overview

A company which has established in Malaysia since year 2016, withhold the vision of helping people in identifying their real self and able to self-help covering the age range from toddlers to adults.


How To Apply

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