JCT INDUSTRIES GROUP SDN BHD is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER position. If you currently looking for new education sector job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description


Description of duties:

1. Fully responsible for the company's human resource management

  • (1) According to the company's strategic direction, comprehensively plan human resource development and strategic management, formulate human resource planning plans, and supervise the implementation of various plans;
  • (2) Continuously optimize the organization structure of the group, according to the company's requirements and business needs, continuously optimize the organization setting and staffing, and improve the company's per capita efficiency;
  • (3) Promote talent training plans, formulate personnel selection and assessment mechanisms, and provide talent reserves for company development;
  • (4) Use various methods and tools to help establish and shape the company's fine culture, and through the process of cultural refining, build an operating team that is in line with the growth and development of the company;
  • (5) Formulate the company's labor cost budget system to control and save labor costs;

2. Fully responsible for the company's administrative management

  • (1) Establish and improve the company's administrative management system, establish and improve the administrative management system and process;
  • (2) Establish strategic cooperative relations with external agencies and maintain good relations with government departments and external agencies;
  • (3) Obey the company's strategy, standardize the official document management system, and participate in VIP reception;
  • (4) According to the company's requirements, complete the company's facilities and infrastructure construction work;
  • (5) Formulate the company's administrative budget system to control and save administrative costs;

3. Fully responsible for the company's supply chain management

  • (1) Design and optimize warehouse organization structure and management process, establish warehouse work specifications and various processes, and organize implementation;
  • (2) Responsible for formulating the management strategy of warehouse raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products inventory, improving inventory turnover rate and reducing the risk of sluggish product inventory;
  • (3) Responsible for daily personnel management, compiling and updating department personnel's job responsibilities and operating procedures;
  • (4) Responsible for daily affairs management, 5S management, financial management, inventory management and safety management of the warehouse;
  • (5) Formulate the company's supply chain budget system to control and save supply chain costs.

Position requirements:

  1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, proficient in English for work communication;
  2. Familiar with the company's management system and system construction, and have rich practical experience in standardized management of human resources, administration, supply chain, warehousing, etc.;
  3. Have a strong systematic thinking ability, excellent ability to analyze and solve problems systematically;
  4. Have a strong affinity, excellent interpersonal communication, coordination, organization, and management skills, and excellent outreach and public relations skills;
  5. Have excellent negotiation skills, communication skills, team management skills, legal and financial management knowledge, and supply chain integration management capabilities;
  6. Strong planning and implementation ability, strong ability to withstand pressure;
  7. Sense of responsibility, principle, overall concept, integrity, self-discipline, professionalism, and recognition of the company's corporate culture.




  • (1)根据公司战略方向,全面统筹规划人力资源开发及战略管理,拟定人力资源规划方案,并监督各项计划的实施;
  • (2)不断优化集团组织架构,根据公司要求和业务需要,不断优化组织机构设置和人员编制,提高公司人均效能;
  • (3)推动人才培养计划,制定人员选拔和考核机制,为公司发展提供人才储备;
  • (4)运用各种方式与工具,协助建立与塑造公司的优良文化,并透过文化提炼的过程,建构一个符合企业成长与发展的经营团队;
  • (5)制定公司人工成本预算体系,管控和节约人工成本;


  • (1)建立健全公司行政管理体系,建立完善行政管理制度及流程;
  • (2)与外部机构建立战略合作关系,维护与政府部门、外部机构的良好关系;
  • (3)服从公司战略,规范公文管理体系,参与贵宾接待工作;
  • (4)根据公司要求,完成公司各项设施设施、基础建筑的建设工作;
  • (5)制定公司行政预算体系,管控和节约行政费用成本;


  • (1)设计优化仓库组织架构和管理流程,建立仓库工作规范及各项流程,并组织实施;
  • (2)负责制定仓库原料、半成品和成品库存的管理策略,提升库存周转率,降低产品呆滞库存风险;
  • (3)负责日常人员管理工作,进行部门人员岗位职责、作业流程的编制和更新;
  • (4)负责日常事务管理工作,进行仓库的5S管理、财务管理、盘点管理和安全管理等工作;
  • (5)制定公司供应链预算体系,管控和节约供应链费用成本。


  1. 全日制本科及以上学历,能熟练使用英语进行工作交流;
  2. 熟悉公司管理体系与制度建设,对人力资源、行政、供应链、仓储等方面的规范管理有丰富的实践经验;
  3. 有较强的系统化思维能力,具有优秀的分析问题、系统化解决问题的能力;
  4. 具有较强的亲和力,优秀的人际沟通、协调、组织、管理能力,具有出色的外联、公关能力;
  5. 具备优秀的谈判能力、沟通能力,及团队管理能力、法律和财务管理知识,以及供应链整合管理能力;
  6. 很强的计划性和实施执行的能力,抗压能力强;
  7. 责任感、原则性、全局观念、廉洁自律、事业心、认同公司企业文化。

Company Overview

Our company incorporate on Jan 2017, JCT specializes in manufacturing HSHM PVA Fibers (Polyvinyl Alcohol). PVA Fibres are high-perfomance reinforcement fibres for concrete and mortar. 

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