Nexus International School Malaysia Vacancies DIRECTOR OF BOARDING

Nexus International School Malaysia is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for DIRECTOR OF BOARDING position. If you currently looking for new education sector job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

The Boarding Director has responsibility for:
  • Ensuring that our boarders thrive academically, personally and socially in a happy and rewarding environment.
  • Ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of all boarders in the Boarding House, and the effective management and  operation of this residence.
  • Ensuring the boarding community including all learners and staff act with respect and care towards each other.
  • Ensuring the culture and ethos of the boarding house is aligned with the rest of the school.
  • Ensuring the Boarding House, as an important part of the school, achieves its targets. 
  • Ensuring the Boarding House is able to clearly differentiate itself from its competition.
Key task 1: Ensuring that learners thrive academically, socially and personally. 
  • Identify the individual circumstances, needs, strengths and weaknesses of each learner and put plans in place so that individual opportunities, talents and potential are developed and maximized.
  • Develop a collective responsibility to be aware of the needs, challenges and opportunities of others, and to offer such support and help for each other as is appropriate.
  • Provide forums for all learner views to be expressed and acted upon where appropriate. Keep confidential and up to date records.
  • Liaise with the matron and school nurse to ensure that learners’ medical requirements are properly catered for and encourage learners to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Liaise with the matron to ensure that learners' clothes and personal belongings are used appropriately and stored securely and tidily; ensuring that learners treat the belongings of others, and the fabric and furnishings of the house, with respect.
  • Provide a full and varied programme of extra-curricular activities and promote an active and challenging weekend programme.
  • Know about the academic strengths and weaknesses of learners; Keep up regular contact with teachers to ensure that relevant background circumstances of learners are known and discussed
  • Provide and maintain optimal conditions and supervision in the evenings and weekends for study and effective academic progress.
  • Provide for counseling at a time and place which is conducive to good communication, concerning any emotional, academic, social or behavioral issues.
  • Fulfil all requirements of the school’s safeguarding and child protection policies and ensure all boarding staff understand them.
Key task 2: Run the boarding house in a safe and efficient way
  • Ensure that the boarding house complies with international standards for welfare and pastoral care and ensure that any areas where the school falls short of these standards are brought to the attention of the Principal.
  • Plan, implement and review structures of staff supervision to ensure the safety and security (including emotional) of all learners whilst in the boarding house and including school holidays as necessary.
  • Keep accurate records of learners’ progress, welfare, health, emotional problems, achievements and misconduct and be able to provide such reports and references when required.
  • Attend strategic and operational meetings with the Principal and Heads of School.
  • Inform and participate in senior leadership decisions regarding the organization and management of the boarding house.
  • Develop, review and implement policies and procedures for the safe and efficient operation of the boarding house.
  • Keep confidential all details of Taylors Education Group and any privileged information concerning the school.
  • Have good knowledge of Boardingware to help keep accurate records and details of all operations in the boarding house.

Key task 3: Communicate regularly and caringly with the boarding community
  • To ensure that boarding staff, parents and learners understand the aims and objectives of boarding at the school, and the principles on which community life in the school is based.
  • Communicate regularly with parents to ensure that they are fully informed about their child's progress and welfare.
  • Contribute to weekly news from the boarding house and ensure this is communicated to all relevant people.
  • Ensure that family incidents and problems are dealt with in an appropriate way.
  • Develop and maintain a student handbook for the boarding house.
  • Ensure that all members of the boarding staff team are familiar with the school’s policies and procedures, especially for safeguarding and child protection.
Key Task 4: Increase the number of boarders in our school.
  • Assist Marketing and admissions in recruitment drives
  • Ensure that tours of the boarding house demonstrate how our boarders can thrive
  • Help to predict realistic growth for the Boarding House
  • Know about and address the needs, opportunities and challenges of new boarders and their families
Key Task 5: Develop boarding as an integral part of the school and local community.
  • Investigate and develop relations with the local community in Putrajaya, putting our school at the heart of the community.
  • Continue to work with Heads of School in order for boarding to become integrated in all aspects of school life.
  • Preserve and foster the good name of the school in all dealings with the wider public.
  • To provide monthly reports to the management of Nexus and Taylor’s schools and report to the Board Of Governors as required.
Key Task 6: Look after our people’s personal and professional development.
  • To provide the adult members of the house team with a clear statement of their roles and responsibilities, and to provide for a periodic review of their performance.
  • To chair weekly house staff meeting and other meetings as required.

  • Degree in Education or its equivalent
  • Higher degree or recognized professional qualification (preferred)
  • Evidence or continued relevant professional development in relevant fields
  • Experience in management of a boarding house
  • Experience in an international school environment
  • Experience in pastoral care or social work settings.
  • Knowledge of International Standards for Boarding Schools
  • Understanding of the primary care needs of young people
  • Strong leadership skills and management of others.
  • Passion for the recruitment of learners and growth of our boarding house.

Company Overview

Established in 2008, NEXUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MALAYSIA prides itself on its exclusive learning environment and is the first school in Malaysia to have a specific focus on personalization of learning.
Nexus International School Malaysia focuses on interconnectivity, respect and internationalism. Together with state-of-the-art ICT facilities, our students learn through international curricula that take the classroom beyond the traditional four walls. Backed by over 60 years of educational experience, students are given the foundation to become the world citizens of tomorrow.
Catering for students from pre-school to Year 13, the school offers the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programmes. The Putrajaya campus provides state-of-the-art boarding facilities with a comprehensive pastoral care. ICT is fully integrated into the global curriculum to facilitate learning at all levels in the school, in preparing learners to become global citizens of the 21st century.

How To Apply

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