JCT INDUSTRIES GROUP SDN BHD is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER position. If you currently looking for new education sector job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

Human Resources Manager: 
Description of duties:
  1. Responsible for establishing and improving the company's human resource management system, and designing a human resource management model that meets the local characteristics of Malaysia;
  2. Responsible for establishing and improving human resources and administrative management systems;
  3. Responsible for drafting job responsibilities, arranging staffing plans, and proposing reasonable plans for the company's organizational structure design and personnel deployment;
  4. Responsible for establishing and improving various effective recruitment channels, and completing the recruitment work according to the company's establishment;
  5. Responsible for organizing the company's salary and welfare management, and preparing the company's annual salary and welfare plan and salary and welfare adjustment plan;
  6. Responsible for the performance management of the company's employees and review and appraisal results;
  7. Responsible for organizing the company's training management, compiling the company's annual training plan and supervising its implementation according to the company and various departments' needs;
  8. Responsible for timely handling of major human resource issues and various labor disputes in the company's management process;
  9. Responsible for establishing unobstructed communication channels, being familiar with local personnel, establishing good employee relations, using various channels and tools to promote and implement corporate culture;
  10. Responsible for establishing and maintaining good cooperative relations between relevant government departments and external agencies;
  11. Responsible for the management of the company's administrative work;
  12. Responsible for the company's monthly and annual plans and summary work.
Job requirements:
  1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, able to use English for work communication, more than 6 years of human resources work experience in large and medium-sized enterprises, including 3 years of work experience in the same position;
  2. Familiar with Malaysian local labor laws, regulations and other related policies;
  3. Have good communication and coordination skills and the ability to establish good social relations;
  4. With leadership teamwork ability, strong sense of responsibility, able to take over the work pressure;
  5. Have an active and open mind and can accept different cultural backgrounds;
  6. Working experience in large and medium-sized chemical industry is preferred.
  1. 负责建立并完善公司人力资源管理体系,设计符合马来西亚当地特色的人力资源管理模式;
  2. 负责建立健全人力资源、行政管理制度;
  3. 负责拟订岗位职责、定员定编方案,对公司组织架构设计和人员调配提出合理方案;
  4. 负责建立健全各种有效的招聘渠道,根据公司编制,完成招聘工作;
  5. 负责组织公司薪酬福利管理工作,编制公司年度薪酬福利计划及薪酬福利调整方案;
  6. 负责公司员工绩效管理工作,审定考核结果;
  7. 负责组织公司培训管理工作,根据公司及各部门需求,编制公司年度培训计划并监督执行;
  8. 负责及时处理公司管理过程中的重大人力资源问题及各类劳动纠纷事件;
  9. 负责建立畅通的沟通渠道,熟悉当地的人员情况,营造良好的员工关系,利用各种渠道、工具进行企业文化宣导和落地;
  10. 负责建立和维护相关政府部门和外部机构的良好合作关系;
  11. 负责公司各项行政工作的管理;
  12. 负责公司的月度、年度计划与总结工作。 
  1. 全日制本科及以上学历,能使用英语进行工作交流,6年以上大中型企业人力资源工作经验,其中3年同等职位工作经验;
  2. 熟悉马来西亚当地的劳动法律、法规等相关政策;
  3. 具备良好的沟通协调能力,具备建立良好社会关系的能力;
  4. 具有较强的团队协作能力,责任心强,能承担较大的工作压力;
  5. 具有积极开放的心态,能接受不同文化背景;
  6. 有大中型化工行业工作经验者优先。

Company Overview

Our company incorporate on Jan 2017, JCT specializes in manufacturing HSHM PVA Fibers (Polyvinyl Alcohol). PVA Fibres are high-perfomance reinforcement fibres for concrete and mortar. 

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