Leaderland Era Sdn Bhd Vacancies Primary Daycare and Tuition

Leaderland Era Sdn Bhd is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Primary Daycare and Tuition position. If you currently looking for new education sector job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description


想成为一名 “人气导师“,成为小孩子都喜爱的教练,但不知道应该怎样做?


LEADERland是在马来西亚第☝家专注于孩子领导的幼稚园及安亲班,14 年来服务了超过1,000个孩子。 2007年至今已经有5家分园在槟城,至今打造了超过50 位教练培养我们的孩子成为未来的领袖!

我们要培训的是教练✅,不是❌教师 –只会教小孩做功课和补习

我们所谓的 #教练 是用自己的品格和行为去塑造孩子并透过聆听与理解和小孩一同成长!







⚜️每年100个小时的培训 Training

⚜️1对1导师制培训 1 to 1 Mentorship Coaching

⚜️3-5年的职业发展蓝图 3-5 years Career Development Path

⚜️年度利润共享 Annual Profit-Sharing

⚜️员工创业计划 Employee

Entrepreneurship Plan

❌无需工作经验 #态度比经验更重要。


012-757 6875(Coach Alfred)


Company Overview

Leaderland' Products
Nursery & Preschool (age:3-6 yrs old)
Primary student (age: 7-12 yrs old)
LEADERship Camp
Empowering tomorrow's leaders to add values to others.
Where there are children, there is LEADERland.
Everyone can be a LEADER.
  • Nobody is perfect in this world; however everyone is unique in his or her own way and will excel and succeed in life if they maximize their potential and strength.
  • Everyone is a great leader if they are being encouraged and developed through proper guidance, education, training and planned experience
  • Environment is one of the key factor in developing a leader
  • Continuous learning and reviewingare keys to be an effective leader.
  • Only leaders with right values, good ethics and positive characters will bring values and benefits to the world we are living; make it a better place to live.
  • Develop LEADER's characters (36 character qualities) such as punctuality, obedience, responsibilitiy, forgiveness, creativity etc.
  • Develop LEADER's habits (7 habits) such as proactive, think win-win etc.
  • Develop LEADER's skills such as decision making skill, problem solving skill, emotional comtrol, social & human skill, public speaking skill, listening skill, team work etc.

How To Apply

If you confident and feel that this job is suitable to you, go ahead take your action now.
Hope you find your dream education sector job in Penang.
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