KUEEN LAI EDUCATION MATHS & SCIENCE SDN. BHD. Vacancies Deputy Principal IGCSE Secondary level

KUEEN LAI EDUCATION MATHS & SCIENCE SDN. BHD. is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Deputy Principal IGCSE Secondary level position. If you currently looking for new education sector job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

Job Description (Deputy Principal)

The Deputy Principal’s role acts in line with the mission of the school and articulates the mission for all aspects of the school’s program. In keeping with the school’s mission, the Deputy Principal fosters the traditions, relationships, and practices that determine the school’s climate and culture. In the absence of the Principal, the Deputy Principal steps in as the spokesperson for the school with all its internal and external constituencies including students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, neighbours, business community, governmental agencies, and local, state, regional and national plus international educational organisations and accrediting agencies.

The Deputy Principal has a role in the responsibility for curriculum and instruction, student life, business affairs, admission and advancement.

The Deputy Principal:

  • Reports to the Principal, School Business Development Director (Education) and the Company Directors.
  • Keeps the Upper Management informed of all matters relating to the school through reports at meetings and immediate communication following major School events or happenings.
  • Provides data to assist the Upper Management in its work.
  • Makes recommendations to the Upper Management for approval of the operating and capital budgets, including all categories of income and expenditures.
  • Seeks direction from the Management on new initiatives.
  • Jointly with the Management, sets annual goals for his/her performance.
  • Provides documentation materials for the Management to use in his/her evaluation.
  • Sees that all records and minutes are properly filed, and otherwise assists the Board in its function and duties as asked.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Upholds the academic and ethical standards of the school.
  • Hires, supervises, evaluates, and dismisses all academic administrators, faculty, and staff members.
  • Fosters professionalism, collegiality, and ethical conduct in the faculty.
  • Provides for the professional development of the faculty.
  • Stimulates and participates in the dialog about teaching and learning at the school.
  • Supervises the selection of curricula, class schedules, assessments, graduation requirements, and all aspects of the school’s academic program.
  • Optimises the physical learning environment and technology in all instructional areas.

Student Life

  • Organises student activities and extracurricular opportunities.
  • Administers the School’s discipline policies and standards of conduct.
  • Supervises the School’s support systems, such as counseling, academic support, before-and after-School programs, health and wellness, etc.
  • Oversees the School safety programs including building security, emergency procedures, transportation regulations, and fire drills, etc.
  • Promotes a healthy student culture in and out of School.
  • Optimises all-School gatherings including assemblies, sporting events, performances, etc.
  • Provides for character education and ethical teachings in keeping with the mission of the school.
  • Reports student progress to parents on a timely and supportive manner.

Business, Finance and Operations

  • Understands and supervises the business functions of the school, including budgeting;
  • monitoring and reporting income, expenses, investments, and cash flow; maintenance of appropriate records; and assisting the school’s auditors.
  • Supports employment and human relations matters, such as contracts, salaries, benefits, job assignments, job orientation, performance evaluation, retentions and dismissals, personnel records, employee handbooks, etc.
  • Monitors the maintenance and cleaning of the buildings, grounds, and all on-site operations including vehicles, grounds, etc.
  • Plans and proposes all major capital purchases, repairs, and building projects.
  • Ensure Compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements (related to students and staff) are of a high standard and kept up to date.

Admissions, Marketing and Financial Aid

  • Supervises and assists the admissions functions of the school, including recruitment programs, internal marketing, external outreach, website development and maintenance, information dissemination, and applicant testing and interviewing.
  • Supervises the admissions decision-making process, including administration of the school’s financial aid program.

Advancement and Fund-Raising

  • Plans and optimises the school’s fund-raising programs such as the annual fund, capital campaigns, planned giving, and major events.
  • Supervises the Schools development efforts in identifying, cultivating, thanking, and communicating with past and prospective sponsors.
  • Oversees the School’s relations with its alumni including development and maintenance of the alumni database, communications programs, and special events.
  • Supervises all volunteer efforts such as those donated by individuals or the Parents’ Association, Student Councils, Prefectorial Board, community service clubs, Alumni Council, etc., all of which report to the Deputy Principal or his/ her designee.

Challenges & Complexities

  • The critical challenges faced in delivering this role in the context of the responsibilities highlighted above are:
  • Ability to interface and work collaboratively with the whole School Leadership Team and Heads of Departments, particularly with regard to measuring and improving academic standards
  • Measurable shift and improvement in student academic outcome
  • Shift any possible perception that academic standards are lower at KLISS
  • Maintain a focus on academic standards, in balance with a holistic and character focused curriculum

Experience & Expertise Required

  • Educational Qualifications
  • Have completed or studying a Masters level Education degree
  • Qualifications or willingness to pursue further professional learning in the area of educational data and its use to guide our T&L processes
  • Have at least 3 years proven track record managing international secondary school

Expertise & Qualities Required

  • Be an active member of KLISS learning community environment
  • A deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning & a passion for supporting children to be their very best
  • Strong ability and competency with the data analysis and interpretation
  • Strong understanding of current state and national curriculum requirements and trends
  • Commitment to achieving best practice in relation to the T&L, assessment, reporting policies and procedures
  • Well-developed organisational and administrative skills
  • Effective decision-making appropriate to the situation and circumstance
  • Strong team working and interpersonal skills including consultation and effective communication
  • Ability to coach and mentor others
  • Understanding and commitment to 21st century learning environment

**The above job description is indicative of expected responsibilities and is not exhaustive in itself.

Company Overview

We are a company invested in providing a world class education, through the CAIE, IGCSE curriculum.

Our vision and aims are at the centre of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning and provide an environment which prepares our students as confident, happy citizens.

We take pride in making our school a vibrant, creative, stimulating and inclusive place in which everyone can feel safe and flourish socially and academically.

We ensure that our students develop all the skills that a sound education provides plus the competencies essential for success and leadership in our dynamic global economy.

We work together for excellence in all we do whilst fostering respect, meaningful friendships and a communal bond to encourage our students to exceed all expectations; develop a love of learning; make positive contributions to our society and to cherish life.

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